Golden Stories

What's a Golden Story?

A golden story is a story you tell (and we write it for you) in your golden years. It can be a story about some event in your life or a story you heard as a child from your grandparents or parents.

It's fun to do and rewarding for you, and will be greatly cherished by many people for years to come. In so many cultures, Elders are The Story Tellers of the culture. Unfortunately, today TV and movies have taken over this honor. It's time Elders took it back.

How much would you love to read a story your great-grandmother or even your grandfather had written about an event in their life or just about an ordinary day in their life? How priceless would that be for you now?

What you don't have, you can make sure your grandchildren and their grandchildren will have.

We are a small group of professional local writers with experience writing the stories of Elders.

You may believe your life has been sort of normal, not filled with much drama. I can guarantee you that you have many interesting stories that your descendants will adore reading.

Who will read it?

In the next 200 years, you could have over 2,000 children, grandchildren, great grand children and so on.

For literally 5-cents each, you can make sure they will all Know You in a sense, know how you lived, what you believed, how you managed, what made you happy. And from this, they will learn more about how to successfully live their own lives, with you to thank.

How's it work?

Just tell me a story, either in person or over the phone.

If you can't think of one right off, I'll ask you questions to get you going, and before long you will have told me a great story.

I may ask you some follow-up questions, to get some more details or to clarify something that I'm not sure I understand. (If you don't remember all the details, that's just fine too. You might be surprised by how much you do remember though!)

I'll write it down in your voice, in a traditional story format, cut out anything distracting, add some appropriate dramatic story-telling elements, make sure the ending has some “zing” to it. This takes me several hours over several days. (The total price is just $95 for stories up to 4 pages long.)

...And now you have your first story.

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How do I get it?

I'll bring it to you or mail it to you.

If you like it, that's it. You can share it with whomever you like. Be sure to put it with your photo albums and other keepsakes, so your children for sure know where it is, so they can make a copy for each of their children, and so on and so on and so on and so on.

If you want any changes made, that's fine, just give me a call. I'll happily make any changes you want and then send you the revised story.

Once you are totally happy, just send me a check for payment anytime in the next 30 days.

Story Telling as a hobby

Once you see your first story actually in print, you may find that “story telling” is a great fun hobby that you want to continue... something you can share with your children and grandchildren now and with all the future generations to come.

To help you with that, we'll write your 2nd story for half price!!! (only $47) using the same process, and we'll give you a hard-cover 3-ring binder to help you keep all your stories together in one safe place. (The 3-ring binder lets you and your descendants easily make multiple copies of all your stories for each future generation.)

If you do multiple stories with us, we'll be happy to create a web page for you (for free) that has all your stories on it. I'll give you 50 business cards that have the address of your web page on them, so people you know can read your stories straight from the Internet.

The easy and fun way to write a book

If you do just one story per month, in about 4 years, you'll have a 200 page book that will be cherished as a collection of life-lessons you'll want your grandchildren and their grandchildren to know, to feel, to understand.

Your stories are funny, adventurous, heroic, touching, filled with mischief, hardship, heartbreak, true love, grief, celebration, courage, and luck. They'll capture the details of your times and places and value system, and provide enjoyment and enlightenment to so many still to come.

The possessions, the furnishings, the mementos, the knick-knacks, even the photo albums you'll leave won't capture who you are, won't pass on the lessons of your life in the same way a book of your stories will. Even stories without much drama, stories of “normal days” will seem wonderfully strange and exotic to your descendants in just a few generations.

Use your stories to teach them how you lived and what you learned. Your stories will be both unique and universal. Generations from now you will still be very much alive, even to those who never get the pleasure to meet you.

A professional published writer is happy to help you turn this “should do” into a “have done” for a standard rate of just $95 a story. How much would you pay to see a story your grandparents (or your grandparent's grandparents) had written about their life? Wouldn't it be priceless to you?

Young people learn from both example and story. Your grandchildren crave stories but, for lack of alternatives, they get their stories from television and films. Are these the values you want them to get from stories?

Contact us / free gift

Call Lisa in Birmingham at (205)478-8064 or Jesse in Birmingham at (205)531-1246 for free friendly info and we'll send you a free handmade gift – a golden ribbon to wear that's a great conversation starter. It will say your choice of the following:

  • “Elders were the first Search Engine”

  • “Elders -- Our stories are golden”

  • “Elders: We have socks older than you”

* * * Thanks for reading our web page. We look forward to hearing (and writing) your stories. * * *

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